Montreal Scrabblefest

✅ $5000 USD WGPO Donation to Prize Pool

✅ $2500 CAD Local Sponsor Donation

✅ Full Live Stream on YouTube

Main Event: WOW & CSW

15 Games | May 24-26, 2024

$150 CDN ($120 USD)

Late Bird: WOW & CSW

5 Games | May 27, 2024

$30 CDN ($25 USD)

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new style event

Montreal Scrabblefest is an exciting new style tournament that immerses players in the vibrant culture of Montreal while offering them a 15 game main event and a 5 game late bird in a downtown hotel.

Outside the playing room, players will enjoy social events like group dinners, montreal-style bagel breakfasts, social outings, and a walking tour of Old Montreal.

Don't miss the chance to compete and explore the beautiful city of Montreal!

new venue: Hotel europa

Best Western Plus Downtown Montreal

1240 Rue Drummond, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1V7

New venue for 2024, located at the intersection of Drummond and St-Catherine, in the heart of downtown Montreal. 

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Tournament Information


Friday May 24

7:30 PM - 10:30 PM Main Event Rounds 1-3

Saturday May 25

9:30 AM - 1:30 PM  Main Event Rounds 4-7

2:45 PM - 6:45 PM Main Event Rounds 8-11

7:30 PM Group Dinner (opt-in)

10:00 PM Karaoke Party

Sunday May 26

9:30 AM - 1:30 PM  Main Event Rounds 12-15
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM Main Event Awards

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Montreal Walking Tour
7:30 PM Group Dinner (opt-in)

Monday May 27

9:30 AM - 2:30 PM  Late 'Brunch' Bird Rounds 1-5

[All Day] Opt-in Day Trip to Quebec City


Old Montreal Walking Tour 

Embark on a captivating journey through the enchanting streets of Old Montreal. Immerse yourself in the rich history and picturesque sites that this beautiful locale has to offer. This walking tour provides a unique opportunity to explore the charm of Old Montreal, delving into its stories and cultural heritage. Discover hidden gems, iconic landmarks, and the vibrant atmosphere of this historic district as your guide shares fascinating insights. Elevate your Scrabble tournament experience with an enriching stroll through the heart of Montreal's past. 

Opt-In Day Trip to Quebec City 

For Scrabble enthusiasts opting for a break from the tiles, we offer an enticing day trip to Quebec City on Monday May 27. Departing from Montreal, this optional adventure includes a scenic bus tour with a knowledgeable guide, exploring the rich history of Quebec City. After the tour, enjoy free time to wander through the charming streets of historic Quebec City. The journey back to Montreal includes a visit to beautiful Montmorency Falls, ensuring a day filled with both cultural enrichment and natural beauty. The cost for this day trip is $135+tax (discounts may apply if enough players sign up), creating an unforgettable Scrabble group experience beyond the game board.

Sign-Up Group Dinners: A Culinary Journey in Montreal 

Elevate your Scrabble tournament experience by joining our Sign-Up Group Dinners! Instead of navigating dinner plans on your own, immerse yourself in the diverse culinary landscape of Montreal with fellow Scrabblers. Choose from a variety of small and large parties, each featuring different cuisines that showcase the city's gastronomic delights. Simply sign up, and we'll handle the reservations, ensuring you have a delightful evening exploring Montreal's culinary gems. Strengthen connections, share stories, and indulge in exceptional food, making every dinner a memorable part of your Scrabble adventure. 

Montreal-Style Bagel Breakfasts 

Start your Scrabble tournament mornings (Saturday and Sunday) on a delicious note with a complimentary Montreal-style bagel breakfast! Savor the warmth and flavor of fresh bagels sourced directly from Montreal's renowned bagel shops. Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of these local treats, offering a delightful and energizing beginning to the day. Indulge in the unique and inviting essence of Montreal's culinary heritage, enhancing your Scrabble experience with a touch of local charm. 

Late Night sing-off at BAR K Karaoke

Join us for an unforgettable Late Night Karaoke Party at Montreal's Bar K Karaoke, offering an exclusive private room experience. Sing your heart out to your favorite tunes, surrounded by the company of friends, making it an evening of musical joy and shared camaraderie.

WhatsApp Group for Social Coordination

Stay connected and enhance your Scrabble tournament experience by joining our optional WhatsApp group! If you're exploring Montreal and looking to coordinate social plans with fellow players, this is the perfect platform. Opt-in to receive real-time updates on where other Scrabble enthusiasts are gathering, allowing you to seamlessly join in on impromptu social events. Share recommendations, make plans, and foster a vibrant Scrabble community beyond the game board. Embrace the flexibility and spontaneity that this WhatsApp group brings to your Montreal adventure.